Antarctica – In Depth Antarctic Peninsula and South Georgia

Nanaimo: Monday, Jan. 21, 2019, Malaspina Theatre, VIU Campus (Buy Tickets Online)

Campbell River: Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2019, Timberline Theatre, North Island Campus (Buy Tickets Online)
Time: Doors open at 6:30pm, presentation starts at 7pm.

Tickets:  Advance tickets: $18.00 (see link above to buy advance tickets online!)
  $20.00 at the door (cash only)

Working as a Photographer in residence aboard expedition cruise ships in Antarctica this visual presentation is the culmination of 4 yrs of travel at the bottom of the world.  Antarctica-In Depth strives to not only entertain but to help create ambassadors of the audience with first hand information of this unique and fragile region of our planet.  Humorous yet thought provoking, Boomer’s laid back presentation style has won audiences over at capacity filled venues each time he has presented. Consisting of both stills and video, this 1 1/2 hr  presentation invites you to explore the “white continent” with it’s foreboding landscape, mountainous icebergs and unique polar wildlife including the ever loving penguin, various whale populations, seals and pelagic sea birds all captured in front of the camera lens. 


South Georgia, nicknamed the “Serengeti of the polar region” for it’s incredible concentration of wildlife lies in a remote area of the Southern Ocean, remote and inhospitable yet teeming with wildlife, the King Penguin colony at St. Andrews boasting close to a quarter million Penguins alone! 

Gold Harbour

Along with incredible wildlife images, audience’s will also learn about the historic shore based whaling stations at Grytviken, Stromness and Leith Harbour, haunting reminders of a bygone industry that decimated the local whale and seal populations in the early 19th and 20th century. For this history buffs the lecture also touches on Shackleton’s epic struggle for survival which played out on the shores of Elephant Island culminating with his epic 1500km dash across the Southern Ocean to the shores of South Georgia.   Partial proceeds from these presentations goes to two noteworthy non-profits, The Georgia Strait Alliance and The Greenways Land Trust for they’re ongoing conservation and protection of our environment!

I hope to see you, and look forward to spending this exciting evening together!

“Boomer, thru his great open personality has the ability to connect with people and to be able to teach to both beginner and advanced photographers alike.  Boomers portfolio demonstrates his innate ability for storytelling no matter what the subject is!”

Daisy Gilardini ~“BBC Wildlife photographer of the year”
Canadian Geographic, Photographer in residence

‘Trying to find new ideas in photography is very hard so its always a pleasure to meet someone who sees the world through a fresh lens. It’s been a joy to be shooting alongside Boomer, sharing perspectives on photos and learning how he operates. He’s a thinker and this makes you think . . . and that’s the best route to taking better pictures’

Chris Packham ,
BBC Broadcaster and Photographer

Antarctica - In Depth Lecture


Svalbard – Kingdom of the Polar Bear

Courtenay: Stan Hagen Theatre, NIC ~ Jan 18th, 2019  & Feb 1st, 2019

Time:  6:30pm doors open, presentation starts at 7pm

svalbard lecture with boomer jerrit

Nestled high above the arctic circle, 1000km from the North Pole, the archipelago, previously known as Spitsbergen now officially known as Svalbard boasts among other fascinating facts, the northernmost year-round settlement on Earth. Photographer Boomer Jerritt working as Photographer in residence with One Ocean Expeditions invites you to explore this fascinating northern land mass with a lecture highlighting dramatic landscapes, interspersed with historic staging points for both Arctic and North Pole exploration.

Not to be forgotten is the small Russian mining community of Barentsberg a relic of the Cold War era, this small “company town” still steadfastly mines for coal and boasts Lenin busts and cyrillic propaganda monuments which still reach out to the visitor, seemingly frozen in time.

Polar Bears are the iconic symbol of Svalbard with a resident population of about 3000 bears calling this arctic environment home. Using both stills and video Boomer brings you in close to Ursus Maritimus, weighing up to 1500 lb the largest bear species on earth! Polar Bears are the highlight of adventure based tourism visiting Svalbard and Boomer is fortunate to be able to capture this magnificent marine mammal in its environment along with other animals including the Arctic fox and the mighty “tooth walker”.  Competition is tough for the large bird colonies found on the cliffs and shores of Svalbard. Frenetic and enmasse, various species summer here frantically breeding and raising their brood in preparation for winter migrations as far away as Antarctica. This short and intense summer period provides for exciting images highlighting the “life cycle”.

And finally, witness an event not seen by most, the calving of huge glacier faces, into the cold brash filled waters at the base of these tidal monsters, harbingers of the climate change we are witnessing in our ever-changing world.

This adventure-filled presentation, approximately 90 minutes, long includes a question and answer period.  Partial proceeds form this presentation goes towards the Cumberland Forest Society helping to fund they’re ongoing goal of preserving the forest lands in and around the Cumberland area. 

Advance Tickets ($18.00) available online:  Buy Here!