Just in Time for Christmas!

Boomer Announces 2016 “Mini Salons”

Calling all image creators looking to re-stimulate, get motivated or simply learn more about the exciting art of photography.  I’m excited to offer a 2nd Annual “Mini Salon” Itinerary for 2016.
These Mini Salons center on often requested themes and technical facets of this fascinating and creative visual medium that we all enjoy so much.   Boomer’s experience as a facilitator and his informal and easy going manner will lead participants through each stage of the learning process in a fun and supported learning environment.  Participants will actively learn through lecture, presentation and hands-on experience in the field with photo sharing opportunities in a number of  these workshops.
The workshops are small in number to ensure effective one-on-one teaching situations. Photographers of all levels are welcome!

With the advent of the digital age, photography has both leaped forward and also gone backwards, the learning curve is much more difficult to understand and would-be photographers are finding it increasingly frustrating understanding their camera’s and the computer process and are actively seeking out short term and cost effective methods for learning.”

If you find yourself in this predicament these workshops are for you!

Intro (2)Introduction to Photography and Visual Design – $165.00
What do all those buttons mean and how can I effectively use my camera to it’s fullest potential?  How is metering done properly?  How do we organize our creative process to ensure success when making images? We’ll discuss these and many other questions and explore how and when we need to use our camera in situations to create images that truly reflect our desires and mind’s eye experiences.
Photography is a form of non-verbal communication. Learn the tools of visual design and how to “speak” effectively through your images using elements and principles of design as they relate to photography.  Shoot less, be more productive and excited with your image making.  All levels of photographer are welcome!  Participants will learn through lecture, presentation and hands-on in the field with a photo sharing evening to round out the experience!
Tuesdays  February  2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd
Time: 6:30 – 9:30pm

Flash and Supplemental Photography – $105.00
One of the most misunderstood gadgets in one’s camera bag.  This powerful “pocket of sunshine” is as important in the picture making process as your camera and lens, and is inexplicably connected to the properties of light which we make creative decisions on every time we trip the shutter.  Learn how to use this tool both on and off camera for exciting results.
Wednesday February 10th 
Time: 6:30 – 9:30pm

PortraitureLifestyle Portraiture – $195.00
My favorite subject matter!  Learn shooting techniques through working with models, posing and the often overlooked interpersonal skills needed to create images that are truly poignant story telling images as opposed to grab shot images of the people we know and love or simply want to record on our travels.  Lecture and presentation on Friday night is followed with hands-on location work on Saturday and a photo sharing session over dinner.
Friday February 19th, 6:30pm to 9:30pm AND
Saturday February 20th, 10am to 7pm


NightNight Photography – $95.00
Winter’s here, that means low light and a great time to explore the creative potential of the night-time theatre where imagination and creative technique combine for fun and often times powerful experiences.  This type of photography really pushes the boundaries of the visual person where the photographer is called upon to pre-visualize or predict an outcome.  A great way to kick-start your image making process.  This is the most called upon workshop I do!  We start with a presentation of tools and techniques during a working dinner then head out in the evening for an on-location shoot.
Sunday, February 7th or
Sunday February 28th  
Time: 3:00 – 9:00pm

BJ00806Workflow and the Computer – $105.00
Okay, I ‘ve taken the picture, now what?  This is where the learning curve can become clouded for a lot of photographers. Working with Photoshop, Boomer will show you the steps: inputting to your computer from your camera, backing up procedures, keywording and organizing your images and the procedure for editing your images in Photoshop to final output.
Wednesday, February 17th
Time: 6:30 – 9:30pm 

GIFT CERTIFICATES are available for Christmas!!
For more information and to REGISTER contact Boomer at 250-871-4125 or email: boomer@strathconaphotography.com