Friday the 13th!!! Join me and Karen for this fun and enlightening night-time excursion in September, “Painting The Night”

Myself and Karen McKinnon launch our newly formed partnership, “illuminate” a photo education arm borne out of our two individual Commercial Photography venture’s.  We  both still operate own respective Photography business’s but also recognized the need for photo education, folks just don’t learn through reading confusing manuals!  We are thrilled to be able to offer these workshops and field trip’s throughout the years to come.  “illuminate’s website will be up and running this fall, so keep checking on my blog as well as Karen’s @ McKinnon

Paint the night marketing piece

Entrails #2

Four images combine to produce a trail of light and a mountain biker riding through “entrails”, a fun trail in Cumberland. Each image was created with a different lighting scenario in mind, good fun at night!!

September 13th,6:45- 9:45  Paint the Night  $85.00

Night photography begins as the sun sets, darkness creeps in and we engage the night-time, cameras ready to record our creative thoughts and ideas.  Our mind and our thought’s turn inwards!

Join Boomer and Karen on this fun, creative field trip, where you will learn techniques that will expand your creative vision and explore ideas on using your camera in a new and exciting way with star trails, long exposures, painting with light, ghosts, mixed light sources and other fun ideas.  This field trip is best suited to photographers with DSLRs, point and shoots are not recommended for this fieldtrip.  A sturdy tripod is necessary and a cable release is recommended.

“Yin and Yang, Karen and Boomer, instant chemistry.” – Ian 

“The day in the field with who I think are the two masters of their field in photography on Vancouver Island, the field trip was exciting, eventful, educational and best of all lots of fun,” – Dave 

“This course was absolutely amazing. I  have never had so much fun learning about this stuff. Your passion fuelled the fire in me and set me up to take the kind of photos I want to take. Thank you for your patience. I am definitely taking another course with you.”- Kaitlin


Cool marketing with images from Tourism Vancouver Island

For the past six  years I have been the principle photographer for Tourism Vancouver Island’s (TAVI) marketing initiatives.  It has given me a wealth of images and experiences of which I am truly thankful for, If you can imagine my job was to capture imagery of recreational/lifestyle and landscape photography on Vancouver Island!


Images on this map were all used from this contract


The latest cover of the 2013 Vancouver Island Visitors Guide taken at Landslide Lake in Strathcona Park.


Cover of the 2013 Vancouver Island Outdoor Guide, on Meare’s Island near tofino


On a week long trip in the Broken Island group with Batstar Expeditions I met Mark Jenkins, writer for National Geographic, great fellow with awesome stories, a real Indiana Jones!


Funny little munchkins! If you ever get a chance to ride the steam train from the McLean Mill into Port Alberni, do it! It’s worth the time. This image is now a feature image on one of the billboard’s along the highway near Nanoose, see the accompanying blog entry.

Eagle display near Sonora Island

Each year I run a one day trip during the full moon in June or July to the Discovery Island group, here the fast flowing tides, up to 13 knots, create a feast for Eagles diving into the fast moving waters around Jimmy Judd and Aaron Rapids to scoop up fish pushed up towards the surface.  Truly one of Nature’s spectacles!


This trip was filled with the eager Photographers from the Oceanside Camera Club, and although the show was not a full as expected, (welcome to Nature Photography) folks still had fun with the show and arrival of two large Bull Killer Whales to round out the day.


Got em!! With a 300 2.8 and Canon MKIII at 12 frames a second, I better get em!!


If you look close this fellow’s eyes are closed, now that’s confidence!


Remember that there are many ways to skin the cat, so to speak. Try panning, if done correctly it is just as effective as catching peak action with a fast shutter speed in creating excitement in your photographs!


Two large killer whales, brothers we were told with dorsal fins over 6ft high showed up and created more excitement for Photography, when photographing these beautiful animals, trying to get into a backlit situation against a dark background creates visual dynamic in this particular situation.


I never get bored of Photographing Eagles in flight!! Till next Year!

Fjordland (Great Bear Rainforest) Photo-Tour

This past season I facilitated a Photo-Tour with ten other photographers in conjunction with Mother Ship Adventures to Photograph the Fjordland region of British Columbia’s North Central Coast.  Big country, incredible wildlife and scenic opportunities for the Photographer.  This tour sold out and will in be running again next year, probably in June.


Jim Mahoney, our Oregonian connection with the “gear” at the head of Mussel Inlet.


This young wolf was as much interested in us as we were in him, although he seems a bit preoccupied here. A real treat to see these beautiful animals in the wild, it made the trip!


Lot’s of Griz!! Yup they would always win in a fight!


This area is not called Fjordland for nothing, we watched as waterfalls plummeted off the top of these 2500 ft monsters straight into the sea dissipating into mist before reaching the water.


Fog and mist shroud the upper heights of these huge granite monoliths, one surely feels small in this environment.


Columbia III our mothership, steams from underneath the granite cliffs in Kynoch Inlet


Luke our intrepid guide peers into a large ice cave created with the running water from underneath a large snow field at the bottom of a cliff in Kynoch Inlet


The beautiful front façade of the Bighouse in Klemtu


We spent an early morning at an extremely low tide near Dodwell Island, the resulting display of inter-tidal life was truly incredible!

Columbia III evening

Evening sets in on this beautiful part of the World, lucky to have witnessed it!

Creative fun with Triple Heat Dance and Vancouver’s Gastown area

I photograph three of the Dance companies here in the Comox Valley and on this occasion Triple Heat Dance Company wanted to create some urban images for future marketing purposes so we decided to use the alleyways and urban backgrounds of Vancouver’s Gastown area.  Lot’s of fun, and my thanks to those tough little dancer’s and parents for your patience working at night and in the rain!


Beauty amongst the tenement buildings of this century old section of Vancouver. Various light sources have been introduced here to create this effect, still working in conjunction with the ambient light


Hannah lit by a single overhead strong contrasty light source adds mood to this image. The “gallows” were a notorious section of Gastown in the early days and that spooky feeling is still very strong when walking thru this area at night!

_MG_3579 (2)

Different light sources combined at the time of the shoot and adjusted in the computer add an air of mystique in the “Gaoler’s Mews” alleyway in Gastown.


After shooting in Gastown we switched things up a bit and worked to create a different look, here Liam and his strong body position is further infused with visual drama with the presence of the rain and the Black and White treatment


This dancer’s height in his jump is mirrored in the strong vertical elements of two large Cedar trees in Stanley Park.

_E5Q4287 (2)

That’s it folks!!


“Painting” a 737 with light

Sometimes my job is pretty cool!  I recently completed a project with YQQ (Comox Airport) and while shooting I suggested we create a few images at night with one of WestJet’s 737s parked on the tarmac overnight, the resulting images were a lot of fun, I love photographing BIG projects that are challenging yet produce the coolest results.


Work begins @ 3am, haven’t even had a coffee yet!

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Billboard Advertising

Driving by Nanoose area and noticed this billboard alongside the hwy with an image I took while working with Tourism Vancouver Island.  Don’t normally get to jazzed with seeing my images in their published form as it is a natural aspect of the photography business, but this was prett_MG_6700_1_2_fusedy cool, BIG! BIG! BIG!